Medbariatrix System


The Medbariatrix System, is the set of assessments, procedures, recommendations and reviews necessary to properly monitor your treatment and to reach the desired goal successfully. There are four stages that will have to be followed and completed in order to finish your treatment satisfactorily.  We will explain each one of them below:

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  • Preoperative preparation

    Preoperative preparation


    The patient has a first encounter with the bariatric doctor, who performs a comprehensive assessment of his/her current health status through a Clinical History and imaging and laboratory studies to allow the identification of obesity-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc. Once the evaluation is done, the doctor will determine the most appropriate surgical procedure for the patient.

    After that, an assessment is made by the rest of the specialists in different areas.



    He will perform a general anthropometric, biochemical, dietary and nutritional status evaluation and will establish a pre-surgical and post-surgery feeding plan.


    The specialist will initiate a psychotherapeutic accompaniment throughout the preparation and recovery process.

    Internal Medicine

    It has control of comorbidities.


    He will perform anesthesia assessment and explain the procedure to be performed.


    Once the assessment is completed, the surgeon, along with the other specialists, will prescribe specific pre-operative indications.

    At the end of the preparation process, we will submit a written consent to perform the surgical procedure, and the patient will be given the hospital admission order as well as indications for the day of admission.

  • Surgery morning

    Surgery morning


    On the morning of admission, the patient must arrive three hours before the surgery. He/she will need to carry a photo identification and the tests required during the pre-operative process.

    Once in his/her room, the patient will be prepared for surgery, and any medications prescribed by the doctor and the anesthesiologist will be given; finally, the patient will be transferred to the operating room when the surgical team determines it so.

  • After Surgery

    After Surgery


    The surgery lasts approximately two hours, at the end of the procedure, the patient will be transferred to the recovery room where his respiratory status and vital signs will be monitored for another couple of hours before he/she is taken to the room.

    The day after surgery, recovery work will begin through ambulation, breathing exercises with an inspira- torometer and consumption of liquids according to the nutritionist’s indications.


    Normal hospitalization time is 48 hours. Once oral intake is tolerated, the IV will be removed and the patient will be ready to be released.


    We will deliver a detail of recommendations, care and data to monitor at home.

  • After release from the hospital

    After release from the hospital


    The patient will see his/her surgeon, nutritionist and psychologist seven days after the surgery.

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