"One of the main advantages of these surgeries is that they are safe, and the recovery is quick"

Why Bariatrics?


Bariatrics is a set of techniques and medical-surgical procedures whose goal is the treatment of obesity; thus, it has also been defined as obesity surgery and, more recently, as metabolic surgery.


Currently, bariatric surgery is widely used throughout the world due to its low risk and the effectiveness of its procedures, both of which make it a definitive alternative for obesity.


Our specialists will find the right treatment for your problem and offer you adequate follow-up in order to obtain the best results.


Surgical procedures


The surgical techniques we practice are widely recommended not only because of the effectiveness of their results, but also because of the safety with which they are practiced, as these are low-risk procedures.


In addition to the above, our experts’ experience and high level of training result in a surprising improvement in our patients’ health.

Efficacy of bariatric procedures


The metabolic procedures that are practiced today are extremely beneficial for the health of a patient diagnosed with obesity. They are examples of the results and of making the decision to change your life.

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  • Gastric Sleeve

    Gastric Sleeve


    It consists of giving the stomach the shape of a sleeve or tube, reducing its size by 85 to 70%; that is just over two thirds of its original size. This procedure causes the stomach to reduce the production of a hormone called Ghrelin, which sends the feeling of hunger and the anxiety to eat to the brain. After performing the gastric sleeve, the production of this hormone decreases and with that, all hunger and the anxiety to eat are lost.



    Safe Surgery

    Quick Recovery

    Few post-operative discomforts

    Very effective surgical treatment


  • Gastric Bypass

    Gastric Bypass


    It is a surgery that seeks to reduce the stomach to an approximate capacity of 50 ml and the union to the intestine to approximately 1.5 m, in such a way that satiety is felt after very little food intake, and the absorption of fats, sugars and proteins is diminished.



    Safe Surgery.

    Disease control:

    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • High cholesterol

    Gastroesophageal reflux

    Recovery and hospital release within 48 hours after surgery.

    Fast and long-term weight loss.


  • Gastric Balloon

    Gastric Balloon


    The intragastric balloon is placed inside the stomach for a maximum of six months, causing a sensation of satiety even when the person has not eaten food.



    Non-surgical procedure.

    Its placement takes approx. 30 minutes.

    Safe and effective.

    It is reversible.

    Low cost.

    Effective for patients with overweight.


  • Gastric Band

    Gastric Band


    The gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small sac. The passage of food from this reservoir to the rest of the stomach takes place through a small duct that delays the emptying of food and causes a feeling of satiety.

    This procedure is especially advisable in cases of repetitive failure with dietary, pharmacological and behavior-modification treatments.



    An estimated reduction of 40-50% of your excess weight in approximately 2 years.

    Fast and safe surgery.

    The anatomy of the stomach is not altered.

    (Staples are not used)

    It is reversible.


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